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Guilty Pleasures - Laura Lee Guhrke

The Plot: Daphne is a poor, orphaned, bespectacled employee who is secretly in love with her employer, Anthony, Duke of Tremore. That is, until she eavesdrops on a private conversation where he tells his sister how plain and unattractive and unfeminine she is. Despite the fact that NONE of this is at all relevant to her work, she decides to breach her contract and resign her position in a frivolous, vain, heartbroken snit because professional integrity means nothing when the man you secretly love doesn't think you're pretty!


The Good:

  • The story isn't too terrible. 

The Bad:

  • The story also isn't terribly interesting. 
  • In fact the story is downright boring.
  • Cliche, even.
  • The heroine is also an unprofessional creeper who feels entitled to her employer's affection despite not talking to him, not expressing emotion, and not contacting him outside of work. Because he's supposed to be psychic, you see.