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The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas

The Plot: Louisa is a country bumpkin turned social climber who needs to marry a rich dude who'll provide for her epileptic sister Matilda (a blatant Disabled Plot Device who is rarely onscreen). Felix is a wealthy lord who cultivates the public persona of the Ideal Gentleman while privately being a Manipulative Asshole because of Angsty Reasons (mummy and daddy didn't wuv me therefore love is stupid boo hoo). They get married halfway through the book, and then spend the other half in a pitched battle to maintain their emotional defences. Since this "battle" is completely internal and performed without any communication between the combatants, this makes for the most boring and senselessly inactive romance EVER.


The Good:

  • Lovely writing style
  • Interesting historical detail and setting


The Bad:

  • Boring boring boring BORING BORING BORING
  • Hero's problems are nothing but Poor Little Rich Boy Angst - not nearly enough conflict for an entire novel