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Miss Wonderful - Loretta Chase

The Plot: Alistair is the third son of the prominent Earl of Hargate, and his father has decided to cure him of his various and expensive romantic escapades by giving him an ultimatum: make something of yourself in 6 months or I'll steal your little brothers' inheritance for myself. 


Alistair soon comes up with a scheme to build a canal with an old war buddy of his in order to rake in the big bucks, but he faces opposition in the person of one Lady Mirabel Oldridge. Having spent the last ten years running her father's estate, she's a respected figure in the area and she detests the idea of a dirty, loud, modern canal besmirching her beautiful countryside. Alistair and Mirabel butt heads, but when he bonks his head for real and gets crazy war flashbacks, he and Mirabel grow closer and learn more about each other.


The Good:

  • Lovely writing
  • Sensible heroine


The Bad:

  • Slow pace
  • Some forced humour
  • Selfish and neglectful father figure who's painted as harmless "absent-minded professor" type
  • Underdeveloped villain