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Fly by Night - Frances Hardinge

The Plot: In a politically-fractured landscape ruled by tyrannical guilds and unions, even the written word is controlled - if it doesn't have the stamp of the Stationers' Guild on it, it gets thrown in the fire (and those who've read it thrown in prison). As a result, our impetuous, ambitious heroine Mosca Mye steals, borrows, and hordes words in a world where people fear reading. When she helps rescue a silver-tongued rascal named Eponymous Clent from her village's stocks, she follows him to increase her vocabulary and also to have an adventure of her own.


The Good:

  • Awesomely-detailed and original worldbuilding
  • Gorgeous writing
  • Complex and morally ambiguous child heroine


The Bad:

  • Kind of slow-moving, plot-wise
  • Plot is very complex - and while that isn't exactly a bad thing it did slow down my reading experience
  • Couldn't really connect with the material the longer the book went on.