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All I Ever Needed - Jo Goodman

The Plot: Our hero is a diplomat member of the Compass Club - a Dude-Group of Dudes all named after geographical directions. When his crazy ex-mistress spreads a rumour that he's engaged to some random chick, he approaches said Random Chick to set things right. Of course, our Random Chick is contractually obligated to be Super Mysterious About Everything because she's a Jo Goodman Heroine with a Big Secret, but this only makes her more attractive to the hero, who pursues her relentlessly. Also, opium is involved.


Romance Convention Checklist:

  • 1 DudeGroup (the Compass Club)
  • 2 Evil Guardians
  • 1 Inconveniently Deceased Parent
  • 1 Surprise! Pregnancy
  • 1 Evil Ex Mistress


The Good:

  • Clever dialogue
  • Great period detail and use of historical context


The Bad:

  • Oh my God just get to the point already!
  • Slowest. Pacing. Ever. 
  • A novella's worth of plot in 400 freakin' pages of prevarication and opaque references.