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Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, #1) - Dorothy L. Sayers

The Plot:

Debonair aristocrat Lord Peter Wimsey, second son of the Duke of Denver, is intrigued when an architect acquaintance of his mother's discovers a naked anonymous corpse in his bathtub. Criminology is an entertaining hobby of Lord Peter's, so with the help of his skills, his detective BFF Mr. Parker, and his loyal manservant Bunter, he strives to identify the dead man, discover how the corpse came to take his unfortunate bath, and whether this has anything to do with the recent disappearance of a wealthy Jewish financier. 


The Good:

  • Lord Peter Wimsey is ridiculously awesome. 
  • Lord Peter's SECRET CRIME-SOLVING GADGETS, involving a walking-stick fitted with a compass, a sword, and measuring instruments; and a flashlight hidden inside a matchbox.
  • The details and wit of the period
  • A very twisty mystery


The Bad:

  • Anti-semitic language, in the classic, well-meaning, privileged "some of my best friends are Jewish / he's not at all a bad sort for a Hebrew" way. An unfortunate product of this novel's time. 
  • The perpetrator's long-winded confession takes a lot of wind out of the novel's ending